Top Stories: A Bit of Hollywood and Food Prices

Stories from the week of Sept. 10-14 that we think you should look at.

We know it can be easy to fall behind on the news. If you fell behind this week, here are five stories we think you should look at.

‘Bourne’ star Julia Stiles films in Charlestown: After a representative for the production company , she showed up Wednesday to film a scene at Salon Forty-Four. .

Johnnie’s less expensive than Whole Foods: To test prices, the Boston Patch editors each went out to various supermarkets in our respective neighborhoods on Thursday, Sept. 6 and came back with .

Some explanation on the traffic light at Speedy Chen’s:  While it may sound like technical gobbledy-gook—and, may, in fact, be so—we got this week behind the Main Street traffic light near Speedy Chen’s that has annoyed a number of Charlestown residents.

Another animal care facility aims to open in Charlestown: Dr. Olga Iglikova presented recently for a facility that would handle routine maladies at affordable prices. The facility would not board animals overnight and would not perform complex surgeries—though it would provide simple ones.

Larkin House, Once Dilapidated, Has Returned to its 18th Century State: Helen O’Neil brings her magic to Charlestown’s history yet again. While the house itself has an interesting story, win the day on this one.


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