There & Back Again Seeks Support for Combat Vets

Local organizer Sue Lynch is raising funds for There & Back Again, which helps heal combat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

I got an email from Sue Lynch this week to share with the community. Lynch is the owner of Charlestown Yoga and founder of There & Back Again, an organization that helps combat vets heal from post-traumatic stress disorder. (You can read a for more info on her work.)

Lynch is leading a fundraiser to boost There & Back Agains efforts -- the organization needs to raise money in order to provide services to the thousands of combat veterans in need. On Oct. 9, a There & Back Again Team will run a 10-miler to do just that. Consider donating.

Here's the email, from Sue:

[Sunday] marked the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. This day changed all of our lives forever. However, the victims of 9/11, our servicemen and women who died in Iraq, Afghanistan, those who took their own lives at home and their families made the ultimate sacrifice.  Hundreds of thousand of veterans who survived combat are faced with the invisible wounds of war -- combat stress, post-traumatic stress disorder ("PTSD") and traumatic brain injury ("TBI").  They are our neighbors, fellow students, co-workers, family and friends. Our veterans' combat experience disconnects them from themselves, their loved ones, their community and, often times, life around them. 

There & Back Again strives to support combat veterans by offering wellness reintegration services today not decades from now to provide tools to help them fully participate in life.  We do this through yoga, meditation and alternative therapies.  Our program has helped hundreds of veterans, many expressing that our offerings have been the only thing that has provide relief of symptoms of PTSD and TBI and saved their lives. 

We seek your support to help us continue to fund our efforts.  On October 9th, There & Back Again's Army 10-miler team will run to raise money so that we can offer more services to the thousands of combat veterans in need. 

Meet our Army 10-miler team. On Sept. 11, we ran to pay tribute to those lost on 9/11 and our fallen heroes. On Oct. 9, we will run to support those with invisible wounds. 

Two team members are currently deployed and will be running shadow races in Kuwait & Iraq.  

Click here to donate.


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