New Restaurant Opens in City Square

Andiamo is now serving Italian-American take-out next door to Max & Dylan's.

Today is Thursday, Sept. 1. Here are five things you need to know today.

1. A new restaurant has opened in the neighborhood. Andiamo -- an exclusively  take-out venue -- is now serving Italian fare and pizza (by the slice) in City Square in the space between Emack & Bolio's and Max & Dylan's. It's run by the same group behind Tavern on the Water and Max & Dylan's. We'll have more details and photos later today.

2. into the space currently occupied by Charlestown High School. Charlestown High would move to Hyde Park, where there's an empty high school. And all of this would be wrapped into a larger plan the superintendent's got to relocate and expand a few of the city's high schools. Oh, and these local parents want to hear from you. Intrigued?

3. -- prepping for the shoot they hope to do on Sept. 12-14. Thing is, there's a Neighborhood Council meeting on the 7th to discuss this matter.

4. sponsored by the Police Department. This time they were playing kids from Chinatown in the first-ever District 1 Community Basketball Tournament. .

5. And today's weather: Partly sunny with a high near 77. A low tonight around 58.

For more info on what's happening in the neighborhood, visit our events calendar.


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