Monument's Interior Renovations Scheduled for Spring

The National Park Service will host a public meeting with the Charlestown Neighborhood Council on March 30 to discuss the latest phase of work on the monument.

The contract to repoint all of the mortar joints on the interior of the
Bunker Hill Monument has been awarded to Palmer Federal Constructors, Inc. based in Lawrence. Crews from Palmer Federal Constructors will also relace the interior handrail on the monument.

That news was released by the National Park Service this week -- it marks the latest step in the $402,165 maintenance project that's been underway on the monument since last summer.

The project is funded through the National Park Service cyclical
maintenance program and has included the repointing of all interior
granite blocks from the sub-basement to the observation level (everything
in the stairway), the replacement of the handrail, and the painting of all
of the protective metal grills on the windows, according to the National Park press release.

Representatives from the Park Service will host a public meeting with the Charlestown Neighborhood Council on March 30 6:30 to 8 p.m. to discuss the next phase of the project. The interior rehabilitation work scheduled to
start in late April.

Larry Rinaldi March 30, 2011 at 06:10 PM
Since the National Parks Service took over the Monument area from the MDC I have watched the "rehabilitations" with interest. The last exterior rehabilitation left the Monument not better off, but worse off. The workers cut down eight pin oak trees and did not replace them. They cracked the granite off the sidewalk and left it damaged from their heavy trucks. They fenced off the Monument area, parked their cars and trucks on the grounds and had picnics with their families while residents were forbidden to enter the area for one year. Even during the busing crisis, we were not denied entry to the monument grounds. The granite stairs were patched with small blocks and even circular inserts. The mortar with these inserts will not last, ice will creep into the cracks and it will be undone. Meanwhile the Bunker Hill Monument organization seems to be asleep. They meet once a year and subscribe to the agenda set by the president according to his whims. The Charlestown Preservation Society or even a group of public minded citizens should do a review of all work completed by the contractors and if it is shoddy in any way, redone according to the standards of the community.


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