Government Officials Swarm the Neighborhood

Wednesday was a big news day for Charlestown, with ribbon cuttings and a long-awaited meeting with Rep. Capuano.

Today is Thursday, May 19. Here are five things you need to know today.

1. Wednesday was a big news day in Charlestown. Things started with a ribbon cutting affair at the new , which means this behemoth operation is finally open on Terminal Street. The governor and the mayor were on site (and Patch was too, of course) for the event, and an announcement: Clipper Windpower, Inc, will be the first company to use the site. Why this is awesome: This company had been using facilities in Europe to test their wind technology. The center on Terminal Street is the first in the country to offer testing for enormous wind turbine blades (up to 90 meters) in length. It cost about $40 million to build, and funding came, in part from the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Hey, go Charlestown. The neighborhood is on the cutting edge of renewable technology.

2. And the other big news: Wednesday for a long-awaited meeting on the Sullivan Square/Rutherford Avenue redesign project. The turnout was, well, pretty epic. Hundreds of people packed into the Knights with strong opinions both for and against the surface option. More than 50 people spoke. In the end, Capuano said he wanted to give residents some time to look at the city's plans, form an opinion and get in touch with him, so he can advocate for the interests of Charlestown. He assured the crowd he has no intentions of halting the city's project. For a full report on the meeting, check Patch after noon on Thursday.

3. It's Thursday and it's Charlestown Live Night. Tonight host Kathy Giordano will be talking with Dr. Arthur Kim, CI Specialist from MGH. What are they talking about? Viral Hepatitis C, and facts about how it's spreading in Charlestown. Apparently May 19th (that's today) is Viral Hepatitis Day. And Charlestown is showing a fast growth in this disease, well over any other neighborhood in Boston. Dr. Kim will give more details on why this might be happening.

4. Good news: You can have a night out this weekend and support the Warren Prescott. This Saturday is the Annual "Grow With Us" Spring Fling, hosted at Boston Beer Works on Canal Street. Tickets are $30 at the door. There will be a raffle, auction and more.  

5. Yup, just plain on rain. And bone-chilling cold. High of 54. (Three more days til there's sun in the forecast.)

For more info on what's happening around the neighborhood, visit our events calendar.

Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson May 20, 2011 at 12:27 AM
In-depth series on hepatitis C, the silent epidemic--price tag of $30 billion annually and growing toward $85 billion in 2027. http://www.healthcaretownhall.com/?p=3353
nick czech November 29, 2012 at 06:52 PM


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