Got a Question About the Neighborhood Council?

Patch is working on a series of articles about the history and role of the Neighborhood Council in anticipation of the upcoming council election. But I want to hear from you -- what are your questions?

The deadline to run for a seat on the Charlestown Neighborhood Council is approaching: If you want a chance at one of the seven at-large or an individual precinct spot, you must get your nomination papers in by Nov. 4. 

To qualify as a candidate, any resident of Charlestown (18 years or older) must collect 25 signatures from their neighbors -- anyone who is also a resident of Charlestown and 18 years or older. 

But, as the election approaches, it seems like there a lot of people in Charlestown who aren't entirely clear on what the Neighborhood Council's role is. Next week, I'll be publishing a few articles on the history of the council, its mission statement and what power it does (and does not) have in influencing City Hall.

And here is a question for you, readers:

Is there anything about the Neighborhood Council you'd like to know?

Now's the time to ask it. And I'll try to get answers for you in my series next week. (Feel free to post the in the comments or email me at charlestown@patch.com.)

And if you're interested in running for the CNC -- Completed nomination papers must be mailed and postmarked no later than Friday, Nov. 4 to:

                    Charlestown Neighborhood Council
                    PO Box 397
                    Charlestown, MA 02129
The names of all certified candidates will be published in the Charlestown-Patriot Bridge prior to the election. (And hopefully in the Patch too, if the CNC sends them to us.)

There are 21 seats on the council. Seven seats are at-large representatives; seven are precinct representatives and seven are appointed non-profit community organizations.

Diane Grant October 28, 2011 at 04:17 PM
Thanks so much for this article Kristi. I posted the nomination papers for any interested candidates. also, they are available on the cnc website at http://www.charlestownbusiness.com/cnc.html
Kristi Ceccarossi October 28, 2011 at 04:43 PM
Awesome! Thanks, Diane.
David Evans October 29, 2011 at 02:34 PM
If you want Charlestown to change, you have to change Charlestown, and that starts with governance. I think there are about 25 people in total that have any idea what the CNC does. While I helped Dianne build the CCC/CNC website last fall I finally stopped asking questions and just got the site up and running because trying to talk to anyone, let alone understand the charters of the various org's was practically impossible. You know when I know that things are broken? When I ask people basic specific questions about publicly available data and I get shoo'd away, like I'm bothering them. Especially when it comes to money and accountability. Its amazing how many companies won't deal with or move to Charlestown. "Too many liabilities" they say. This is a great opportunity to inject some new ideas and fresh perspectives into the community. How long has each member been on board and how many CNC seats are up for re-election? There should be term limits set in place as well. Make a CNC newsletter and stop littering the Patriot Bridge with meeting announcements. Email and snail mail it to all residences. That said, Patch may or may not be around for a long time and Charlestown needs its own independent website. We tried that with the CCC/CNC this year but it turned out to be all hat no cattle, as the saying goes. We built it and nobody uses it, which is everyone's fault across the board. Overall, Charlestown politics needs to be more transparent and less toxic.
Joseph October 31, 2011 at 01:07 PM
Halleluiah David!! Finally, someone with firsthand knowledge of the shady workings of both the CNC & CCC. It still amazes me not a single member of the CNC has chosen to respond to, or comment on, any posts that have been made on The Patch. If the CNC isn’t aware that these conversations are taking place, that further proves the CNC DOESN’T REALLY CARE what Charlestown residents think. Will someone please educate me on who controls and oversees the CNC & CCC? I think it’s long overdue that someone starts looking into both of these organizations. Backroom politics alive and well with the CNC & CCC. ***Don’t let the issues with the CNC & CCC die folks!! They are starting to feel the pressure that we, the residents of Charlestown, have an opinion and want a better understanding of how they work. We want transparency and we want it now!!***


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