Five Things: Solstice, Yard Sales and the MBTA

And blowback on prayer?

1. Solstice celebration. The Charlestown Working Theater will participate in a tomorrow. Entertainment will include a magician and scenes from Twelfth Night.

2. Reader’s Choice is back. Remember our Reader’s Choice contest we had going on? Remember how it got a little repetitive? We’re trying to avoid that this time. Take a look at how and nominate your favorites today.

3. Seen and Heard on the T. We launched a new feature this week where we’re trying to bring together great and . I personally added a snapshot yesterday. What strangeness have you seen while riding the bus, ferry or subway?

4. A surprising conversation. I returned Monday morning to find that Father Ronan’s most recent column had sparked a . Are you offended by the assertion that everybody prays?

5. Looking for a deal? We learned yesterday that a group on Monument Court will host a on Saturday. Perhaps they’ll have something you need?


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