Capuano Challenges President's Action in Libya

Plus, a meeting tonight will highlight the interior renovations at the Bunker Hill Monument.

Today is Wednesday, March 30. Here are five things you need to know today.

1. So our military intervention in Libya isn’t exactly “local” news, and doesn’t quit fit in the purview of Charlestown Patch, but I think our local Congressman’s very vocal reaction to the news does qualify. And I’m sharing it here: In case you’d not yet heard, Rep. Mike Capuano, D-Somerville, has been making some noise about the President’s decision to send troops to Libya. Last week Capuano issued this statement opposing the use of force – that is, without consent from Congress. You can read the whole statement on Capuano’s web site or listen to him talking about it on the radio, but the salient point is this: If a President is allowed to launch a military assault this time without first getting OK from Congress, what does that mean for future policy? … Related fact: We dropped the first bombs on Libya on March 19, the eighth anniversary of the war in Iraq.

2. And back here in Charlestown… the are on track, as we’ve reported. But tonight officials from the National Parks Service will to the Basic Services Committee of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council. If you’re interested in hearing the details, the meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Bunker Hill Museum. You could also call the committee chairman Bill Galvin for more info: 617-242-3862.

3. Been interested in learning more about BabyCakes of Charlestown? This weekend they’ll be hosting an open house. You can check out their classes while your kids check out some free activities, including arts and crafts and music. Information on summer camp, drop-in play groups and BabyCakes’ instructors will be available too. Open house starts on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. at BabyCakes, 330 Main St. Email babycakesclasses@yahoo.com if you have questions.

4. Local healer Shawna Pelton sent me a note last week to let me know she’s leading a four-part experiential workshop called Heart Forgiveness, starting next week. There are still spaces available if you’re interested. The workshop will meet for two hours on the first Monday of every month at . The cost is $200, plus $45 for materials, but teachers and veterans receive materials for free. You can learn more about the great work Shawna does by reading our on her.

5. Today’s forecast: Sunny, with a high near 47. Out like a lamb!

For more info on what's happening around the neighborhood, check out our events calendar.


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