Billy Boyle Returns to Charlestown Live

Boyle and host Kathy Giordano will discuss non-profits.

This week's Charlestown Live program will feature host Kathy Giordano with guest Billy Boyle, brought back by popular demand.  

Billy said, "So many people comeup to me and ask how they can get involved more in the town.  So, I've put togethera  list of many of the non-profit organizations in Charlestown and will try toexplain their purpose and how to contact them."  

The list will include youth sports and organizations that cater to the youth of the community; senior citizen groups,clubs for folks of all ages and so much more.  There will be something of interest for everyone living in Charlestown or who wish they did!

The show can be seen live on Thursday, December 27th at 6:30 pm on Boston Cable BNN-TV channel 9, RCC channel 15 or on the web at www.bnntv.org

The program is repeated on the same channels and web site on Saturday at 8 pm and Monday at 10:30 am. For more information, contact Kathy Giordano at kathy.gio46@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook at Charlestown Live.


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