Your Take: Readers Respond to Domino's Approval

Readers generally upset about the outcome, but some are looking forward to late night pizza and wings.

Thursday’s Boston Licensing Board to allow a Domino’s Pizza to open on in Charlestown sparked sharp conversation across Charlestown Patch, Facebook and twitter.

Most of those commenting on the development were opposed to it, but not all.

“Can't wait for some late night buffalo wings from Dominos in Ctown I won't be #avoidingthenoid,” tweeted Paul Myers.

Meanwhile Kathleen Giordano, posting on our Facebook page, questioned the democratic process that allowed Domino’s franchisee Rob Rivard to get the board’s approval.

“So much for democracy in action,” she said.

Commenters on slapped arguments back and forth. Frequent posted “Just a person!” impugned the intelligence of anyone who believed that late-night walk-in customers would not cause trouble.

“If you believe that,” Just a Person wrote, “give me your number, I got a bridge in the desert I would like to sell you.”

In response, a commenter calling himself “Toonie” summarized the Domino’s opposition as “Classic responses from the same people.”

“Welcome Domino's and may you flourish!!” Toonie added.

Back on our Facebook page enthusiasts of local restaurants took solidarity with each other.

“Toni Anns and the rest of the small businesses will rise above this walmart of pizza,” posted Jamie Mclaughlin. “Support your local small businesses. Boycott Domino's”

His call for a boycott echoed the comment posted above—penned by , owner of Navy Yard Bistro and the yet-to-open Positano Italian restaurant.

Michael Boznikoff July 16, 2012 at 01:57 PM
I agree with Just a person. Every restaurant, pizza place, and coffee shop in Charlestown should be allowed to compete for business on equal grounds. My wife happens to like Domino's pizza, but we only have it every couple of months, the rest of the time we support the local stores. When we do have Domino's we get it at the one on Rt. 1 in Saugus. We have tried the other ones surrounding Charlestown and they can't seem to transpose the phone order into actually making it as ordered. She said that now we won't have to drive all the way to Saugus. I told her that the only way she would get pizza from the Charlestown store is if she orders and pays for it herself, and eats it on the deck because it won't be allowed in the house! If you opposed it then boycott it. If "all of the people who are his loyal customers" in Charlestown now get pizza from the store here then his volume in his North End store is sure to suffer. You can't tell me that you can't find better pizza than Domino's in the North End. It wouldn't surprise me if he closed the North End store and delivered that pizza from Charlestown.
Just a person! July 16, 2012 at 06:07 PM
The only way he is going to get customers, is what he stated at the liscense hearing, Quote: all I would have to do is go door to door and ask for signatures and if they would sign he would give them a coupon for a free pizza! End quote! So what does that tell you? I doubt he has 30 customers in Charlestown , let lone 300. I say if his mouth is moving, he's lying!
Jay K. July 16, 2012 at 06:55 PM
I'll be continuing to order from Toni Ann's and Jenny's exclusively. I agree - hopefully everyone will do the same.
TheMaskedTruthsayer July 22, 2012 at 09:30 PM
Would rather see a Chic-fil-A there than a Domonos. Whats with all the censorship, Matt?
Christina July 26, 2012 at 08:25 PM
I am not afraid to say I like dominos pizza (the thin crust is really the only thin crust i've found to enjoy) but i've been ordering delivery from staniford street since moving to charlestown. why do we need a store again? if i can't order from staniford for delivery ill just go there to pick up ... once every month or two won't kill me to drive over there and get it if it means doing my part to free up a restaurant space in charlestown for something more interesting. we're suffering as it is...dominos (oh, and petco...) and other chains aren't really reflective of the neighborhood. what happened to taco loco?


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