POLL: What Would You Accept at 40 Warren Street?

Tell us your thoughts on the project.

As building owner Vahid Nickpour reports that for his 40 Warren Street redevelopment project in the near future, we wanted to know: what kind of project would you accept on that parcel?

NMac July 14, 2012 at 04:50 AM
Most of the area in and around 40 Warren would not have been developed if the neighborhood then took the approach the neighbors of 40 Warren are taking today. The garage is an eyesore and polificates the perception that Charlestown is an industrial neighborhood that lacks a sufficient amenities. It also contributes to a less safe neighborhood as there is not constant street activation which is critical to a safe environment for our families. The developer conceeded to add one floor to his existing structure that is more than the neighbors offered. The more Charlestown continues evolve as an energetic and dynamic neighborhood the better it will be for everyone and the more our properties' values will exponentially increase.
NMac July 14, 2012 at 04:51 AM
To those who believe the developer has enough money because he the owner of record on several properties around the city, who are you to tell someone to curtail his livelihood. Does he tell you, you must only work 30 hrs a week? You have no idea his involvement or ownership stake in those other properties, he could own less than 1% of each of those properties and only be the named owner because he is the developer. He could be underwater on all of his other properties and the 40 Warren project is the only way he will be able to stay out of bankruptcy and continue to feed his family. Before you go making judgements about other people make sure you understand what you are talking about. I saw a developer for over a year work with members of the community to modify his project over and over again in order to embrace his neighbors concerns. This is much more than many other larger and well capitalized developers would have withstood.
PattyK July 14, 2012 at 12:38 PM
What i am Hearing is ...screw what the neighbors want...and do whatever the hell you want if you've got the money to do it, as long as you can grease the palm of someone who can help you get that variance you need to exceed the zoning laws in place. It's just business as usual...and tell him to feel free to name the real owners of the properties he is only the "patsy" for, so he doesn't have to take all the heat for this himself, and here I was thinking that he was just another "capitalized developer", the poor guy, you've explained it all to me now. I can't wait till his project is finished so my property value will exponentially increase! Lucky us!
Just a person! July 14, 2012 at 01:21 PM
NMac What I am hearing from your comments, that you have no problem with height restrictions?, and that the property at 40 Warren is an eyesore, that building has been there for far more years than I think, you have lived in the town, It maybe be in need of a facelift, but not a height lift! And, I am sorry but I do not see how adding 2 stories onto to it is going to increase my property value! ( please explain that one to me). Also this a small town 1mile square it Is not downtown Boston ,or New York we do not need high buildings surrounding our town. Actually, can you fit 10lbs of garbage in a 5pound bag? I am sick and tired of so called developers telling us what and how our Town should be like and how it should look, it survived many years without 2 more floors at 40 warren and I believe it will survive many more. Don't want it or does the town need it. There are more vacant "new" developments in this Town than we need! And as far as your poor friend Nickpour, if he is going under water and this is his only way to stay afloat, "SELL" and he won't have a problem. Just a question, you need not answer, but I bet, you live nowhere near this property?
Just a person! July 14, 2012 at 01:26 PM
I will also answer the poll question while I am logged on! Even tho it is not listed as an option, which it should be, Matt How about NOTHING! That is my answer to the poll leave it as it is.


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