Kitchen Nightmares, Magician Knows What You're Thinking

A look back at the news in the North End this week.


That's what was on most of our minds early this week when the second presidential debate aired on Tuesday night.

It seems everyone has an opinion on who "wins" so Patch spoke to Massachusetts Republicans and Democrats to get their reactions.

Here in the North End, there was a bit of bad news. The Kennebunk Police Department released the names and addresses of the men charged in the Zumba prostitution sting and Joseph P. Cuetara of Commercial Wharf was on the list.

But there was happy news as well. Escape artist and mind reader Jason Gardner performed a few magic tricks for the North End Patch reporter during an interview. She still marvels at the dime he transformed -- by hovering his hands above hers as she held it, sealed in an envelope -- into a bent coin.

Salem Street restaurant La Galleria 33 is about to become (more) famous. Fox's 'Kitchen Nightmares' will feature Chef Gordon Ramsay's work at the formerly troubled business in a two-part series that begins October 26.

The owners talked to North End Patch this week on what the experience was like and how they feel about themselves -- and their restuarant -- now.

And today, at 1 p.m. Tony DeMarco, the former undisputed Welterweight Champion of the World, will attend an unveiling of a statue in his honor. Come celebrate with him -- and his fans -- at the corner of Hanover and Cross streets.


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