Heated Meeting May Lead to More Hearings On Koullshi License

Readers react strongly to hearing that inspired some residents to walk out.

Last week’s meeting about the of the liquor license for —the smoking lounge under —left a number of people angry, and the Charlestown Neighborhood Council may hold more meetings on the matter.

Charlestown Patch was not at the Wednesday, June 20 meeting, and learned on Friday that attendees were “disgusted” by how Neighborhood Councilor Bill Galvin ran the event.

“It's one thing when people who have different opinions get emotional,” said commenter Noreen Manning, “but the angry SLAMMING of the hand on the table by Bill Galvin, who is supposed to be the MODERATOR of the meeting, was inappropriate and served to set a very hostile environment.”

Following the comments, Charlestown Patch contacted Galvin for response, and he got back to us Tuesday.

“It was heated,” Galvin said in an email. “At the heart of the problem is LATE NIGHT NOISE. The neighbors described the continuous beeping of horns from taxis and cars backed up due to cars outside the restaurant. And loud noise from inebriated customers who swear and yell outside their windows.”

Galvin’s email continued:

“The owner said he would meet with the abutters to help resolve any problems, but the abutters said that he always says that he will meet with them but never does,” Galvin said. “He has deceived the council in the past (proposed doubling the size of his space, which we approved, and then filed to triple the size with the city). So he has little credibility in the community although he certainly has his supporters.”

Galvin said the subcommittee hosting the meeting did not take a vote because it did not have enough members present, but “the council is prepared to host further meetings to facilitate a resolution.”

Dan June 28, 2012 at 04:47 AM
Logan still allows small aircraft to land & take off so it's possible you're hearing the single engine planes in a holding pattern which is lower to the ground. Let alone the traffic, fire or police action the news media is covering with their helicopters. I don't think there's anyway around OSHA requirements with the backing up of trucks or front-end loaders. But, its possible for them to put up better sound control or limit the times they can use the equipment outside, if you can get enough people to push it. I agree, common courtesy for others would be nice. In todays world it has become 'Me first, let the other guy be dammed' so I can't see any real way to stop them once they have been let loose into our society. Our lack of teaching manors at home and in our school systems is to blame here.
WD June 28, 2012 at 11:03 AM
YES cars are able to double park on main st in front of tangerionos. They squeeze right next to the cars in the valet zone so that there is enough room for a small car to get by, but not enough for a truck or SUV. Then traffic backs up to the liquor store while out-of-town armani wearing hookah pipe-boy finds a valet to move his mercedes c class . This is what pisses people off.
Just a person! June 28, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Did anybody ever think to take down the number of these cabs and report them! Sometimes all it takes is a little effort on your part, Call the manager of the cab company and explain, sometimes you get get better results with sugar rather than vinegar! Expell some of your energy in a phone call, instead of expelling it here! Just an idea.
Katchoo June 28, 2012 at 02:38 PM
And the powers that be have the Lilliputians arguing whilst they go on about their business 'as usual'....keep them busy and they wont see whats really going on...this sort of banter could go on forever...Wasn't the meeting about extending an existing license for another area of the restaurant? It has been stated that the proprietor accomodates all regulations set upon his establishment, contributes to the community, obviously WANTS to be a good neighbor...but yet, he is screamed at during a Neighborhood Council Meeting...very neighborly!
Just a person! June 28, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Agree!, Katchoo. Said that from the beginning, it's not about noise, horns, trucks backing up, helicopters, asthma (the best one) or how much you spent on windows, A license that's all!


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