CNC Supports Tangierino Liquor License Request

The council voted in favor of a request to serve all alcohol in the restaurant's downstairs hookah lounge.

The Charlestown Neighborhood Council on Tuesday confirmed the Basic Services Committee’s decision last week to support Tangierino Restaurant’s request for a full liquor license for their downstairs hookah lounge, Koullshi.

About eight residents attended a Jan. 28 public hearing on the proposal, with most of them generally supporting the restaurant, Basic Services chairman Bill Galvin said. 

Owner Abdessamad Naamad is seeking to expand his existing license, which allows for beer, wine and cordial, to a full liquor license—one of the state’s new neighborhood licenses, which are non-transferrable from the site, Galvin said. One condition of the license would be that at least 51 percent of the hookah lounge’s sales must come from tobacco products, not from alcohol.

Though most residents in attendance had no problem with the license expansion, there were some concerns about other aspects of the business, Galvin said. One resident felt Naamad could do better maintaining the site along Monument Avenue, particularly when it comes to snow shoveling.

An issue raised at past meetings regarding traffic around the business has since been addressed, Galvin said. Naamad has installed a new valet system that reduces the number of people standing on the sidewalk waiting for cars and cabs.

“Everything’s flowing much more smoothly,” Galvin said.

After hearing Galvin’s report from the Basic Services hearing, the Charlestown Neighborhood Council voted to support the restaurant’s license request with the city. Galvin abstained from the vote, citing personal issues with the owner.

Courageous Sailing Center

Also on Tuesday, the Charlestown Neighborhood Council voted to support Courageous Sailing Center’s request to increase its number of nighttime events from 10 to 13. The approval was subject to certain conditions, including:

  • That the council be able to review exact contract language before city approval;
  • That the center explore opportunities for sound insulation;
  • That the center reduce its nighttime noise level from 70 decibels to 68 decibels;
  • That no buses be allowed on the circle in front of Flagship Wharf;
  • That police details be used to direct attendees away from the area after the events;
  • That the center provide at least two opportunities annually for Charlestown nonprofits to utilize the space (they currently host one event per year for this purpose);
  • And that events have no more than 600 attendees without consulting the council.

Overall, Gavin said, residents at the Basic Services hearing on Jan. 30 were in favor of Courageous Sailing Center’s request.

“Everyone supports this center,” Galvin said. “They’re doing some good things for the community.”

Sarah collins February 06, 2013 at 03:41 PM
So glad they finally have their full license. We were out of state when the meeting was held but had we been here we would have been in full support of the change of license.
Joseph February 06, 2013 at 05:20 PM
Great news!! "That the council be able to review exact contract language before city approval" Again, how can the CNC demand this? I am so confused about these stipulations that the CNC imposes. Will someone please educate me?
Just a person! February 06, 2013 at 09:10 PM
It's about time!


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