A Weekend for the Dogs in Charlestown

Petco celebrates the opening of its Charlestown "Unleashed" store, and local pet shop Durty Harry's celebrates the Boys & Girls Club.

Petco announce recently that its location in Charlestown would. Not to be outdone, Michelle Fournier, owner of , hopped on the national chain's celebration weekend with an event that will benefit Charlestown groups.

Here's what she had to say about it:

A clean dog and a donation to the Charlestown community, how’s that you say??  This Saturday, August 25 come into Durty Harry’s at 287 Main Street and ALL proceeds from self-wash go directly back to the community in the form of cash donations to Charlestown Boys & Girls Club and Charlestown Mother’s Association. 

We supply the tubs, the shampoo and conditioner, towels and blow dryer, basically all the tools to have a blast, you supply your pooch and some elbow grease! (We’re here to help, of course!)

Durty Harry’s has lowered our self-wash rates to $13 per wash, while still giving you your 7th wash FREE (equaling out to $11.41 per wash…). While you’re here be sure to ask about our selection on natural/organic food, let your pooch enjoy a free sample cookie, try on some of our bow-tie/flower or Beez Louise collars, and of course, party with friends!

And in case you didn’t know:

Durty Harry’s has a full-time professional groomer, and Brittany is a rock star!
Durty Harry’s delivers your food order for FREE!
Durty Harry’s offers dog walking services.  Catch up with your dog during the day on our Facebook page!
Durty Harry’s is owner operated!
Durty Harry’s is so much more…..

Make Durty Harry’s your one-stop-shop for your pooch, we know your name, we know what you shop for, we love our community!

Jillian Reig August 22, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Hope dog owners will support small local business, Durty Harrys. They have been wonderful for the neighborhood and our family for years.
Toonie August 23, 2012 at 06:09 PM
There are SO many reasons to support local businesses - Michelle knows us by our first names and our dogs! She knows what food he eats and asks after him. I've never been to a chain store that does that. Visit this link for more great reasons to support local businesses (I'm heading off to the Grasshopper for my ice tea - sorry Dunkin') http://www.ilsr.org/why-support-locally-owned-businesses/


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