Boston Teachers Union Files Labor Charges Against City

Says School Department has engaged in a pattern of conduct to block mediation process

Says School Department has engaged in a pattern of conduct to block mediation process

August 27, 2012 

Lawyers for the Boston Teachers Union filed unfair labor practice charges against the Boston School Department Friday with the Department of Labor Relations. The charges request that the Department of Labor Relations immediately force the School Department back to the mediation process in order to reach a settlement in the ongoing contract negotiations.

Citing numerous violations including regression bargaining, refusals to meet face-to-face, repeated misinformation given to the assigned mediator and refusing to acknowledge tentative agreements, the BTU and its lawyers are seeking an order to restore the mediation process and require the School Department to mediate in good faith.

“The Boston Teachers Union is committed to a successful mediation process.  Unfortunately, the School Department has continually refused to negotiate in good faith and has engaged in what we consider ‘regression bargaining’.  If the School Department is serious about trying to finalize a contract, then they should come back to the table with real proposals and end their media campaign of villainizing the hard working teachers within the Boston Public Schools,” said Richard Stutman.

“Instead of taking part in the mediation process with a good faith effort, the School Department has engaged in a continuous campaign of misinformation within the media.  They have made no effort whatsoever to find common ground and have failed to give any substantive counter-proposals aside from an ‘our way or no way’ attitude” added Stutman.

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jshore August 29, 2012 at 11:35 PM
This is supposed to be a MUTUAL contract between the BPS and the BTU! Dr. Johnson’s administration has lost all sense of ethical direction, focusing totally on the bottom line and, more egregiously falsifying that information whenever it suits their needs or demands. Now Mayor Menino has jumped on this Johnson bully bandwagon. When girls demonstrate social aggression, they use virile gossip and sabotage the other person’s reputation. Informational warfare is their first point of attack. In refusing to meet face to face, not participating in contract negotiations, and demonizing, and Richard Stutman is correct, “villainizing” teachers in the press, that is what Dr. Johnson is doing. These negotiations exemplify why BPS teachers need the protection afforded them with clear language in the contract that protects them from abuse and unwarranted termination, so they can do their jobs without worrying whether they are the administrators' pet or from a principal who had a personal agenda, or that the BPS can hire a younger teacher cheaper from TFA or BTR, because that's what this is really about. Boston Teachers expect to be evaluated, but given the threats Mayor Menino made in the media, and the teacher demonization in the press for the past two years by Dr. Johnson and her administration, that has filtered down to school level administrators, our Union is trying to make sure evaluations are done fairly and on a level playing field!
Karen Kast August 30, 2012 at 06:05 PM
‎*sigh* So tired of all the bs - they really need to oust the Union leaders and start over. The BTU was such a great idea when first put in place, now the leadership is only looking out for themselves and teachers who have been in the system forever - a lot of whom should retire - while ruining our school's chances at hiring and KEEPING great teachers - some new, some not so new by utilizing the excess pool, etc. I could tell you things that would make people scream.... *sigh* Don't get me wrong, I want to protect our teachers & other staff who are part of the BTU - but right now, that is not what their union is really doing
Marianne Faithfull August 30, 2012 at 11:56 PM
World-class city, third-world-class machinations.
jshore September 01, 2012 at 05:18 AM
Boston Public School Teachers VOTE for our union leadership. We didn’t vote for trash, and when you disrespect Union Leadership, you disrespect BTU Teachers. I support Richard Stutman100%, I support the other members of the BTU Leadership Team 100%. I trust them to negotiate a contract that is both good for students and fair to teachers. As a Boston Public School VETERAN Teacher I am insulted! Boston Public Schools are the best urban schools in the Nation. Michael Casserly, Executive Director of the Council of the Great City Schools thinks so too! He said, "The math gains in Boston are among the largest seen by any jurisdiction, state or local, in NAEP's 30-year history!" An urban school system with mediocre "second rate" teachers could not have accomplished that! Hard working Boston VETERAN Teachers, not Court Street administration, (WHICH I SUSPECT YOU ARE) accomplished that! Effective teachers don't become suddenly ineffective once they reached a certain age or have a certain number of years in the profession. Some of the best educators are seasoned educators who maintained their excellent teaching skills year after year. Again, these fine Boston teachers need the protection afforded them with clear language in the contract that protects them from abuse and unwarranted termination. The BPS wants this "tool" so it can evaluate out teachers then hire younger “Teach for America” or “Boston Teacher Residency” teachers cheaper, that's what this is really about!


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