Displaced Townie Pens Charlestown Story

Mary Catherine, who was born and raised in Charlestown but has since moved to California, sets out to write a set of chapters focussing on Charlestown.

Mary Catherine, a born Townie who has since moved to California, has embarked ona  writing project centered on Charlestown. Here's what she had to say about it:

The Chapter One Book Series consists of short stories, with each story acting as the first chapter, or "Chapter One," of the featured character's larger story. Each short story is connected to and advances the others, culminating in an ending that will leave you wanting more. 

Readers will be invited to vote at the end of the series and decide which character's Chapter One becomes its own book. Or maybe Chapter Two will follow.

The story is based in the heart of Boston; Charlestown, Massachusetts. And it follows the lives of two extended Irish Catholic families, spanning three generations, and the events that shape them. Strong language, strong emotions and stronger truths - do not read unless prepared to be shocked, cry and laugh out loud.

There will be eleven “chapter ones” total, with a new story (chapter one) being released every two months. Although it is available on Amazon right now, the official launch date for the series is August 1, when the first short story in the series, Chapter One: Janey, will be free to download. (FYI, you do NOT need a Kindle to read it, Amazon offers free reader apps available for download here.)

In this first chapter, originally titled "Tough Chick," we meet Janey, a strong-willed young woman at odds with the world around her, and herself. Thrust into a role she was never prepared for, we witness her battling back against circumstances that are beyond her control while creating a whole new set of circumstances that aren't, with destructive consequences.

There is also a corresponding Tumblr blog where writers (or anyone really) can share their Chapter One (the first chapter of their books or a defining moment – expressed through words, pictures, videos or whatever medium they choose). All submissions are promoted on social networks, including Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Authors also get an Author Bio page on the Mary8078 website. This service is free.

About the Author

Mary Catherine was the first child born to Jimmy and Peg Owens and the 48th grandchild on her father's side. She grew up in Charlestown, Massachusetts alongside her brother James Michael (Jim), her almost brother Jimmy B. (kinda long story there, but yes, seriously) and many other foster children that her parents took in over the years and whose names she couldn't even begin to remember at this point in life, never mind list, as there were more than 600 of them. She also grew up amongst many, many cousins and close friends. 

From a young age, she knew that she was destined for bigger things - as she regularly got her ass kicked and was a firm believer in karma. Her ass kickers (before they morphed into ass kickees) were both the foster kids that lived at her house and the Townie children who referred to the foster kids as her parents' "rent-a-kids." Outside of that, life was grand.

The author is known as 'Mary Catherine' only by those who knew her back then. She used to despise the name, but has grown to miss it. And as this book is about memories (real and imagined), she felt it fitting to use that name here. She kind of likes it now. As a pen name only.

These days, she lives just outside of San Francisco with her ex-Merchant Marine Captain husband, Tim, her fantastic beyond imagination son, Tadhg, and numerous pets. And she writes "to make you see" - but you can learn more about that on her website.

Mary J August 27, 2012 at 01:00 AM
Great work! Look forward to the next chapter. My advise keep writing Mary K. :)
margaret Dabilis September 02, 2012 at 06:48 PM
to just a person see you really have to know how to read ? thean you can understand it the book is great no i one els had a problem understanding it get a life
margaret Dabilis September 02, 2012 at 06:51 PM
explain a bit more why you dont understand the book it is very true to time line and facts that i know take a class in wrighting at the college
Cindy Q. September 03, 2012 at 08:39 PM
Keep writing and fuel your dream of a Hollywood offer, just what we need-- another story/s turned into a movie, funded by Whalberg or Afflex, about the good old CTown days of violence, the disenfranchised, bank robbery, ignorance and those that managed, to at least physically, escape the square green mile.
Mary C. Long September 03, 2012 at 10:21 PM
Just one question Cindy/Ima or whatever name you choose to hide behind next: Do you spend all day on this page or do you troll other sites as well? Lol


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