Bunker Hill on the Big Screen

Johnny Hickey, writer and star of Oxy-Morons, talked with Patch about why Charlestown residents should see his film, and the persistent drug issues in Boston.

This week, “Oxy-Morons” finds its way home for a preview at Showcase Cinemas in Revere. There are showings several times a day now through Thursday. Check this listing for show times.

Johnny Hickey says his film “Oxy-Morons” will hit home for everyone, and nowhere does that ring truer than here in Charlestown.  

Hickey, a Charlestown native and reformed Oxycontin dealer and user, went from pharmacy robberies, to jail, to recovery, and lived to tell the story. Choosing film as his memoir, Hickey wrote “Oxy-Morons” based on his actual life events.

The independent film was shot in just over a year on a next-to-nothing budget and stars a number of local faces including Charlestown natives Brendan Brennan and David Burns, who join Hickey on-screen in starring roles.  

Over the weekend Hickey took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to Charlestown Patch about the community’s involvement and support of “Oxy-Morons”.

Patch: Tell me about how the Charlestown community helped with the project. Did you have a lot of supporters?

Hickey: Charlestown Against Drugs (C.H.A.D.) was a huge supporter. Also, the community of Charlestown as a whole really pulled together to support our idea to tell this cautionary tale and to help make it a reality. People lent us their homes, their places of business, and so forth. And, of course, we had the inspiration from all those we lost to the drugs and crime and from all the families that have had to suffer -- both in Charlestown and nationwide. It's an epidemic.

Patch: Why should Charlestown residents go see this movie?

Hickey: It's true to Charlestown -- the accents, the faces, the places. You'll hear little Townie things like "A Boss of Tonic" to seeing child-hood memories of swimming in the polluted Boston Harbor. But most of all I show the collateral damage of what Oxycontin and heroin has done to a great community. The face of Charlestown definitely changed when this drug took over the streets.

Patch: What has the community's response been to the movie so far?

Hickey: I thought we'd get a lot of backlash, but the support has been overwhelming. People from all generations of Charlestown have come out to see it and have congratulated me on a job well done and thanked me for bringing it to light. More than 100 people have told me it's better than The Town, but I'm not getting ahead of myself.

Patch: How did you get a lot of local faces and celebrities involved with the project?

Hickey: Being a Townie myself, locals wanted to be involved. Michele McPhee, Lyndon Byers, Patty Ross, Tim Sylvia -- they all did it because they believed in the message of the movie and wanted to lend their part to raise awareness.

Patch:  How can the community help get the word out about Oxy-Morons?

Hickey: Go to Revere and see the film! Tell everyone you know about it. Start a movement! Our numbers are amazing and there's great opportunity arising from this through National Amusements who support Oxy-Morons 100 percent. We're all beyond excited to see what comes next.  

Patch: What do you think can be done to help the continuing drug epidemic in Boston -- are there any programs out there that are doing great things?

Hickey: There are a lot of great programs out there but there honestly needs to be more. We need more creative outlets for the young adults who still have a shot of "banging a 360" and finding some-thing positive to fill the void of hang on the streets and doing drugs. There's always a chance to turn things around. They have to remember how harsh the expiration date is if they don't expire it themselves.

To find out more, visit the Oxy-Morons fan page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OxyMoronsMovie.

You can watch the film's trailer on Youtube:

Jimmy G. February 10, 2011 at 03:00 AM
I did and then i grew up......i decided it was time to quit....plane and simple i understand some folks need programs i did not.... and before you come back with some stupid comment I was addicted to oc's, heroin and crack....yeah for me huh !!!!As for a stalker no its called reading and talking to folks in the neighborhood and i wouldn't be so quick to say all of Charlestown is proud of these 3 kids...also I never bashed all 3 .... 2 from what i hear are good kids its the 1 wanna be who never was coward that i was talking about ....As for claiming this town as my own I know i share a similar name with some folks that use to live here I have been here for over 28 years...Last as for taking this up in person I am a little perplexed... What do you want to meet me in the pit behind the eddy's or something??....just an FYI i would have no problem with that ..HA HA HA
Gilligan February 10, 2011 at 05:35 AM
But you never call any of them out. And if you're so concerned about their lives why not talk to them directly was my point. I just think making an anti drug movie about an epidemic through film is inspiringand would help kids today. And it did seem like you were bashing all 3 from earlier comments. I would just direct it at who you want instead of slandering an anti drug film was my angle.
Bruce the Doughnut guy February 11, 2011 at 04:01 PM
Do it Do it kill him Gilligan take your rightful place by my side Do it he's weak and can't respond!
Jimmy G. February 12, 2011 at 01:55 AM
Yeah your right.....i got beat by Gilligan and the fat doughnut guy....YEAH you won you both support a snitch......really who won again... keep telling yourself you support an anti drug movie what ever helps you sleep at night.....just remember from what i have learned living here no TRUE Townie would every support a snitch no matter what they do!!!! a snitch is a snitch.....who beat who again....
lawrence mulcahy April 02, 2013 at 06:44 PM
all hickey did was steal someone else's story and say it was his.the movie and everyone involved with it are frauds,and snitches.


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