Sen Warren's Charlestown High Stop Starts Statewide Higher Ed Tour

Prompts students to take time to fill out higher ed finance forms.

US Sen. Elizabeth Warren (credit: Mark Pijanowski/flic
US Sen. Elizabeth Warren (credit: Mark Pijanowski/flic
US Sen. Elizabeth Warren came to Charlestown's High School on Tuesday morning, Jan. 21, to urged seniors to spend this coming Sunday spending a few hours completing an application that could change their future, part of the Massachusetts' senior senator's two-day tour of schools and state colleges across the state promoting affordable higher education.

Coming with Massachusetts Secretary of Education Matthew Malone, Warren pushed students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form which qualifies students for a wide range of government aid programs.

This Sunday, Jan. 26, is Massachusetts FAFSA Day, where students and their parents can go to sites across the region to receive assistance completing the forms.

“Fill out the form!" said Warren, according to On Campus, WGBH News High Education blog.

Warren says many of the students who need support the most are not getting it, in part, because they’re failing to apply.

"The forms are complex," she said. "But what we’re doing here at Charlestown and across all of Massachusetts is we’re providing a lot of help.”

Studies show when low-income families had a professional help them fill out their financial aid forms students were dramatically more likely to enroll in and complete college.

Joseph January 22, 2014 at 01:14 PM
Remember when The Patch first started and had local editors run site? This short of story would have been posted last week informing the residents that she would be in town speaking. How many town sites do you run Mr. Tucker?


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