POLL: Should The Blue Bulbs On The Zakim Bridge Be Fixed?

Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory wants them restored to their original blue glow, but we're wondering what Charlestown thinks is best.

"Our famous blue bridge, the one on countless postcards, filling so many posters, the signature of a forward-looking city, was awash in a dreary glaze of white, from the lanes to the cables to the towers. The absence of blue was so striking that I took the next exit, circled back, and drove the span a second time," said Brian McGrory in his latest Boston Globe column

When he drove back he saw why the Zakim Bridge looked white -- the blue lights, "sad and tired," were "overwhelmed by the bright white lights all around them."

The bridge's architect, Miguel Rosales, apparently "views the blue lights as so important that when they were extinguished a few years ago in a misguided cost-cutting campaign, he sent a $15,000 check to the state to get them turned back on."

In the column Rosales also says he is reaching out to lighting companies to try and get donations of new lights for the bridge, but that the state will need to pay for the installation, an installation that he admits is "not easy."  

So, Charlestown, how do you feel about how the Zakim Bridge's latest all-white color scheme?  Vote in our poll and leave a comment with your thoughts.  

PattyK May 04, 2012 at 04:13 PM
We've come a long way with solar power and LED lights..it would be great is someone could come up with a way to light it this way, with the ability to change its colors - but if not, one color solar would be ok with me, and it could end the endless cost of lighting it with electricity.
KAC May 05, 2012 at 01:35 PM
What type of fixtures do the use on the Rose Kennedy Parkway? The color changes along the path and it is dramatic. The LZB is outstanding on its own, however the lighting does add to the "drama". With all the "green" buildings under, or constructed in Boston and even here in our town (Spaulding comes to mind) someone should be able to find ... FUND... a colorful solution to the lackluster lighting ?!?!?!
Larry Fine May 07, 2012 at 12:49 AM
Kasey Hariman May 07, 2012 at 04:19 PM
There are some great ideas here. If a company could step in and fund color changing lights in exchange for their own colors on the bridge sometimes, would that be something that folks would be amenable to? An example would be if the Celtics paid for the lights -- they could be blue for most of the year, then green during the portion of every year that the Celtics win the national championship (okay, I may be being optimistic there, but hopefully you catch my drift).


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