Maintaining Italian Heritage, Sharing Love Of Sports in North End

Life-long North End resident Dom Campochiaro is president of local Sons of Italy, a coach with neighborhood youth sports and works as an electrician and photographer.

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Dom Campochiaro


Electrician, photographer, coach and civic leader

His story:

Dom Campochiaro wouldn’t live anywhere but the North End.

“I have family here, friends and I’m deeply committed to the North End Athletic Association,” he said.

Dom will celebrate 75 years of living in the neighborhood this coming June.

“It’s so convenient here,” Dom said. “It’s a family-oriented neighborhood and I’m Italian so I stuck with my heritage.”

Dom said it has been a joy to spend his whole life in the North End.

He works as an electrician, has a part-time photography/videographer business (under the name of D & S Video and Photo) and coaches sports through the North End Athletic Association.

Passion for baseball

When Don was growing up (on Foster Street, Henchman Street, Hanover Street and then Charter Street), he wanted to be a baseball player.

“My main goal in life was to be a professional baseball player,” he said. “I wanted to play center field.”

Dom, who attended Charlestown High School for its program in electrical training, was called the Dom DiMaggio.

“He was my idol,” Dom said. “I finally met him later on in my life.”

Although he played quite well in high school, it wasn’t in the cards for Dom to become a professional baseball player.

Rather, after graduation he worked for ABC Electric and Harvard Electric.

Dom became certified in 1961 with a journeyman’s license and received his master’s license a few years later.

Army and more baseball

Dom followed the Red Sox (naturally) his entire life.

He enlisted in the army and played short stop and second base for the 7th Army Baseball from 1962-1963 – a team that was similar to the minor leagues.

When he got out of the service, Dom went back to work as an electrician - a career he follows to this day.

“I’ve been at this for 55 years,” Dom said.

He’s also been a photographer for many years.

That, too, started with baseball.

“I started taking pictures of the children playing baseball while I was coaching my own team in the North End called the Jets,” Dom said.

The power of a picture

Dom loves being a photographer.

“It creates a memory for a lifetime,” he said. “You snap a moment in time that lasts forever.”

Today, Dom takes photographs and shoots video for various events in the North End as well as all over the city.

He’s the official photographer for the Massachusetts Sons of Italy.

In addition, Dom is the president of the Sons of Italy Boston Lodge 208 as well as the president of the North End Athletic Association.

He thoroughly enjoys helping children play sports.

“I’ve been coaching kids since the 1950s for baseball and basketball,” Dom said.

So why would he go anywhere else but the North End?






Denise October 31, 2012 at 12:03 AM
I have known Dom for many years. He is a good man. I also lived in the North End all my life & like Dom I would never leave.
Denise October 31, 2012 at 12:04 AM
I love this web sight. Keep up the good work.
Susan Danseyar October 31, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Thanks for your comments, Denise. If you ever have ideas on what others things you'd like to read about on the site, please let me know.
Adriana November 01, 2012 at 02:07 PM
A quick correction for your sub-headline, if you don't mind; Dom is not president of the "state Sons of Italy" (which is called the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, by the way) but a local chapter. Just don't want to create any confusion, as there is also a State President. :)
Susan Danseyar November 01, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Done! Thanks for your help, Adriana. I'll call Dom and let him know the mistake has been corrected.


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