Missing Cat/ Moxie

we've found a very scared house cat scared named Moxie in the area of Mead Street (Eden St Park area). She is an obvious house cat that is lost and wears a jingle bell type ball around her neck. While we have not been able to get her into our own kitty carrier, we've managed to feed her until we hopefully find her owner. If shes yours email me right away grmcneil9@yahoo.com

shes very friendly just very scared

Greg McNeil May 29, 2014 at 10:01 PM
Moxie's owner found. Scratched the hell out of my GF picking her up only to find out she's an outdoor cat. Maybe put that on her collar instead of your contact info so we dont spend hours trying to get her to trust us in order to get a good look at her collar? Just an idea


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